I use precious metals bathed in acid to reveal ghostly images of the subconscious merging to our conscious.


In this work I explore universalism as a doctrine or school claiming universal facts can be discovered and is therefore understood as being in opposition to relativism  In certain religions, universality is the quality ascribed to an entity whose existence is consistent throughout the universe. This figure is searching through this philosophy towards an epiphany as a faint ghost of an idea evolves from the subconscious and merges into the conscious mind..translate english to frenchпродвижение сайта в яндексеlbinary problemsyoni massage kuala lumpurбесплатная консультация юриста киевантибан для warface скачать бесплатнореклама по телевизору . Ticmeirotdecher

Medium: Gold & acid on stainless steel
Dimensions: 9H x 7W inches